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Truly Unique Designs

The main goal we have here at G Street Games is to develop games that redefine the genres they represent. We strive to think more like gamers than developers, and take immersion and entertainment to the next level. We want to create games that challenge by options, and offer variety during gameplay.

Dedication to Gameplay

The main focus of this independent team of dedicated mod makers is to create engaging gameplay that has depth the current mainstream industry simply will not produce. We want to make games fun, while challenging the player in unique and innovative ways.

For Gamers By Gamers

We founded G Street Games because of the influence of some of the greatest games of all time. Those rare groundbreaking games that we loved so much, and see so little of. We want to create games that last longer than 10 hours, and that allow for many different play styles.

Open Community

We have a community forum that is open to the public, and anyone can follow the development of our works. Feel free to leave feedback, comments, or offer ideas and advise. We encourage organization by all like minds in the pursuit of the greatest game experiences!

Portfolio and Experience

TES Editing

Modifying The Elder Scrolls games since TES3 Morrowind, we have the experience with the engine used and its creative limitations. None of our projects require any script extenders, and are designed only for immersive gameplay.

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CryEngine Editing

The most graphically impressive engine of modern times, it really pushes our artists to create stunning visual works that are worthy of this powerful tool. Our works thus far on this engine have been purely artistic, landscape and architectural in nature.

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ARMA Editing

We have been making fun and exciting missions since the first Operation Flashpoint, and enjoy working with the tools that make the missions possible. The unique tools used allow designing a complex scripted mission rather easily.

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UDK Editing

The Unreal Engine is by far our favorite tool to create with, it is easy to pick up and hard to forget. Our extensive experience with this engine, and its flexible licensing for independent developers makes it our top choice for design focus.

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Want to be a part of our development team? Community involvement is the first step, so sign up on our forums!

G Street Games

is an independent game development company that was founded some years ago by a group of dedicated game enthusiasts, who had come together through their favorite game. At that time in computer technology, game “modding” was a fairly new concept and the thought of being able to edit a video game with the same tools that the developers had used was like a dream come true. However, being able to edit one of the most influential games in gaming history is what solidified our love for this business. We began humbly as Deus Ex map makers, and slowly moved into learning the other disciplines of game development such as modelling and animation, texture and material creation, and finally scripting and coding. As the technology slowly evolved, so did we, mastering all the new and evolved tool-sets and changing ways of creating the art content. It was one heck of a ride, but we made it to the point where we could manage a humble little development company, and so here we are today!

The video game industry is a shark business, and full of great ideas, but implementation is the key. We focus on turning our dreams and ideas into reality, and that is what makes a winning team. We took our time to build the knowledge and skill that we have today, and took our time creating detailed design documents to work by. Now it is time to build our presence, our team, and our community. So we humbly invite all game enthusiasts of all skill levels to join us in creating art that will be unforgettable!

Our Independent Game Studio

is dedicated to preserving the thing that make a great game. It is not a high tech studio, nor is it Hollywood voice acting or symphonic sound scores, or even fluid motion captured animation. While all those things surely help to make a great game, they are not entirely necessary to create one. It is the human soul that is truly necessary to makes a great game, and nothing less. When someone, or a group of people come together to create something that means something to them, that is art in its purest form. Just think of the feeling of playing a truly epic game for the first time, how each new discovery made you feel. Games like that are all to rare these days, because profit is put before art. In these times of constant clone games and yearly additions that offer little in enhancement, ruined endings to epic series, dumbing down of features to reach broader audiences, and all the other woes corporatization causes this industry, we need independent developers more than anything else.

We want to support the people out there who love deep games with freedom of play style, and who appreciate the work that goes into such games. Our team will only ever be made up of the most dedicated artists and engineers, because we take this art and business seriously. We urge dedicated individuals to sign up to our forums and become a member of our fully open community, and if you are truly dedicated we will end up working together on something at some point. You may even be invited to join our team!

Our Goal

is to produce games that players never forget. We are artists at our core, and we do not want to put profit before gameplay or vision. We do not want to adhere to corporate publisher rules, release dates, or anything else that would hamper true artistic freedom. We do not want to be overworked to meet deadlines, or cut features because the initial design was “too ambitious”. We strive to be practical and yet, while we understand that this is a business, we still have our goal of art for arts sake.

Our Philosophy

is simple. We have the knowledge and skill to create the art, and we have all the time we need to create. We finance this business with our own hard earned money, in the hopes that we can create something that will give others enjoyment. We do not depend on it for our lives, and so it can be free of that soulless corporate ambition that we have seen ruin so many great games.

Ars Gratia Artis!